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مرواس- ‏أبلكيشن موسيقي ممتع

‏هل تحب ان تعزف على ‏الطبول؟

‏جرب الاصوات العربية بلمسة شرقية


Fun Arabic music drum kit app

Do you like to play the drums?

Try the Arabic sounds and have fun with an oriental touch.


What’s new...


The MARWAS App you Love is now better:)

MARWAS has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Better performance and much more responsive.

You liked the instruments in MARWAS App. Now you can get even more unique and exotic musical instruments such as

Seed Shaked, Habban, Kasor, Nay, Surnay and more!


Jam with friends

and have an awesome time

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